data is the new creative,

database automation artists bring it all to life.

High Response Database Marketing Automation and Training

We create hands-free database-personalized marketing automation that gets results
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Every Industry has its artists and the database marketing industry is no exception.

The artist uses their paints, clay and canvas in a very unique way to share their vision of the world. Our database artists connect your databases, automate triggers, build live-data SEO master websites and create personalized variable-content high-response direct mail, email, text and social media automation.

Our art is creating 1-to-1 personalized multi-channel response marketing automation.

marketing automation

We automate Direct Mail, Email and SMS marketing. Hands-Free Marketing sets your staff free and doesn’t call in sick. It’s the backbone of a successful organization.

data driven web

Get much higher response rates when you treat your customers and prospects like the individuals they are. We unleash personalized data-sets into your website to personalize the client experience.

database programming

The canvas of a database artist is custom programming. Some of our favorite database-art is never seen, it works behind the scenes to create ongoing marketing success. It’s definitely art though!


It takes a love of deep-data and decades to develop a database artist. Michael has been a database marketing trainer since the late 80’s. He can architect your processes, build it and train your team.

What people say

We are blessed to help many database marketing companies create hands-free, high-response marketing programs that get the results they are chasing.