3 Steps to Direct Mail Targeting

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Your direct mail marketing campaign shouldn’t be a shot in the dark. Here are three introductory steps to an effective, targeted campaign

  1. Identify Your Current Customer Base – Understand the Importance of Who

It’s no secret that knowing your current customers is good business practice in general, but this tactic also plays a huge role in effective marketing. Identifying your current customers helps you identify “who” the right potential customers are. Not only does this help you successfully market to existing clientele and continue to drive traffic but can also help you to understand the “who” when it comes to bringing in new business.

Partnering with a database artist is a great way to learn who you are currently servicing. They can provide insight that you need by using reverse analytics to zero in on “who” is already making you money and in turn assist in targeting the right audience for new revenue.

  1. Add Dimension to Your Target Audience – Its the When, Where and Whyof the mix

Now that you know who is already active by following step one, add some dimension. By adding dimension to your target audience, you will understand more about their lifestyles and habits as well as what may and may not appeal to them. How old are they? College? Middle aged? Retired? Is their income under $35k or over $60k? Maybe somewhere in the middle? Do they travel, read, or exercise?  Are they outdoor adventurists or maybe gamblers?

A creditable data provider like mhetadata can help you dial in on specific demographics that fit your needs. Combining the information you learned on your current client base with targeted demographics will help determine “when” to connect, “where” the interests are, and “why” they will come to your establishment.

  1. Engage and Personalize – Heres the How

 Once you’ve identified your current customer base and determined who your targeted audience is, it’s time to engage with a message that is designed just for them and a CALL TO ACTION! There are several ways to engage your audience and create action, such as (just to name a few):

  1. Offer a coupon or discount for a product(s) or services.
  2. Do a raffle and give something away for FREE!
  3. Integrate your message content with an event.

Here’s a broad example:

Let’s say a casino does a postcard mailing to a few segmented groups they’ve identified as being their target audience.   For example… customers are within ages 55 and older with a household income of over $60,000, ages 27-45 with an income of $45-$60,000 and ages 18-25 with income levels under $35,000.

The Baby Boomers mail piece might have a coupon for a popular restaurant’s weekday brunch special and $10 dollars of free play.  The graphics on the front of the postcard could feature an elderly couple playing slots and a picture of an appealing meal.

Your Generation X message might show some lady friends on the gaming floor and advertise a Saturday morning free give away (blender, or silverware set) with $10 free play.

Your Millennial’s are young and hip! You’d be successful bringing them in with a night club event or concert! The featured picture on your postcard could be a group of friends dressed up in front of the casino. You may even add a QR code to your card, that they can scan with their phones to claim $10 of free play with the purchase of event tickets.

The last thing to remember on “how” to get traffic in the door is urgency.

Remember this when developing your content; you will want to create a sense of urgency linked to your “call to action”! Dates of events and expirations on coupons are a great way to do this.

Conclusion –direct mail targeting

  1. Know who you currently serve and who want to target!
  2. Add dimension by determining when, where and why!
  3. Design creative, engaging and personalized messages!

Its as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Always ask a Database Artist on ways to make this happen for you!

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