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Live Casino Direct Mail Examples

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What casino direct mail pieces should we be mailing and what should we be offering our players?
Casino Direct Mail ExamplesWhat are the other casinos mailing and what are they offering? It’s an age old question!

Collaborating with Salt Creek Media we have created a live direct mail collection site where direct mail pieces are gathered together from mailboxes all over the country. Media Manager allows users to see the competitive landscape of offers that arrive in the mailboxes of their customers and prospects. Media Manager also offers a treasure trove of design and concept ideas taken directly from mailings that have already happened nationwide.

Here’s the media manager with 70% Discount Code provided by Mhetadata for Casinos to get discounted access.

You will find a treasure-trove of Casino Direct Mail Pieces that are collected weekly from all over the country.

I see a shift in response rate happening as a direct result the Media Manager will make in the world of Mail Marketing. As the content grows our knowledge of events that occur in this field grow. There has never been a common resource to use, it has always been done internally, so what has been sent is only documented by individual companies competitive tracking.

By offering this resource of access to what is in the mailbox currently you are now armed with vital knowledge about whats being offered to casino customers from other casinos.

This knowledge will help you tighten your strategy up and grow business with clear knowledge of the competitive landscape. It is always easier to compete when you know what you must beat.

This is also a great resource when you need to design a new casino direct mail piece and you want fresh ideas to look at.  Take a look. I’m sure you will find many uses for this information.

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