Database Artistry Services


To use our earthly skills helping beautiful souls to reach passionate goals. Surround ourselves with the best hearted people we can find!


Automation continues to remove burdens that prevent success. We CAN produce more with less and achieve greater results for everyone involved!!

Quick Connect Mail

Print & Mail RIGHT NOW! No more delays! You have a fresh set of leads, triggers or responses.. You can mail them something compelling right now.

USPS Informed Visibility

These dynamic services send emails from the USPS alongside your mailers, track delivery time processes and create delivery triggers.

Variable Image Content

Add pictures of your clients’ homes, their cars, satellite images and maps with driving directions. Learn more about our variable images

Distributive Print Intelligence

Our tools split mailings to geographically print across the country based on live delivery timing analysis, drive time, drive distance and lowest postage.

Automated Database Marketing

There is nothing as enjoyable as creating a perfect program and automating it to be hands-free!!

Variable Data Personalization

“Variable Everything”, A perfect program is completely 1-to-1 in wording, images, style and format

SQL Press

We create custom queries and stored procedures in SQL Server instances that drive personalized mailers directly to presses for daily, weekly and monthly Hands-Free Marketing.

FTP Press

With file flow automation we trigger complete processing of files placed in FTP Hot-Folders straight to printing presses with full CASS, NCOA, presorting and personalization.

Response Boost

Target your mailing list in the online world with social media ads with response boost to create a multi-touch campaign. Figure out who is visiting your website too.


We accept most major crypto for payments and are developing some exciting new services in the BlockChain space coming very soon.

Website Marketing SEO/SEM

This isn’t “an option”, it’s a modern day survive, thrive or die religion and we are artists in this space.

Database Hygiene

In this world of connected Big-Data an aging database is not an option. Thrive, Survive or Die is a reality.

Process Automation

Automate your client communications, internal file processing, database triggers and actions. We are driven to optimize your time and results.

Custom Programming

We build custom programs, apps, mobile websites, login portals, tracking systems, automation flow processes, databases and more.

Response Capture

Track the activity of your clients from your direct mail offers to trigger other campaigns. We build Purls, QR Codes, mobile sites and bounce-back automation


Casino Marketing Groups

With decades of experience in casinos from around the world we are quick to help in many ways. We have many programs for New member, Active Player, Decliners, Pre-inactives, Inactives and Acquisition targetting.

Financial Marketing Groups

We have worked with banks, credit unions, Real Estate franchises and refinance marketers for many years. Let us help you with targeted databases and personalized offers that create higher responses.

Direct Mail Print Partners

We support our direct mail and printing friends with fabulous tools and services. You really get what we do. We are not competitors, we are your business partners.

Fabulous People / Beautiful Souls

Our goal is to find the best hearts and souls and bend over backwards to help them. You are the ones we want most in our lives and we’ll do everything and anything to help you succeed.

Automate your database marketing

We're automating the hard work of good-hearted goal-driven people.

“Find the best people and work selflessly to help them succeed”
– Michael Hemphill