Database Marketing Automation

We are Database Artists! We develop your custom automation routines for straight-to-press personalization that keep responses coming hands-free. These are quite robust too! Here are some sample automation routines:

We capture your data-trigger and automate National Change of Address on your records, Analyze the lowest postage and quickest delivery and print distribution using our live feeds and analysis of USPS delivery trends. We then automate the personalized printing press outputs to print and mail at the facility closest to your recipients.

Great, the mailers went out as planned, intelligently optimized, hands-free!

We’re not done though… The next automation routine triggers personalized email offers and lets them know to watch their mailbox. Then we track your mail through USPS Informed visibility™ and automatically send a second email triggered on the day the mailer is being delivered. We can automate an endless number of other triggers, actions and back-end processes as well as record all of this back to your CRM tools.

Casino Marketing Automation

We automate single campaigns or entire annual marketing programs in direct mail, email, text and web formats. We do extensive work with IGT, Aristocrat and other casino player systems.

Internal Process Automation

Some of the biggest gains is automating your internal processes. Automating mundane or difficult employee tasks optimizes your labor expenses and lets you focus on more profitable tasks.

Internal Mail Tracking

We’ve automated delivery timing and postage analysis using metadata streams from USPS Informed Delivery™. Our automations adjust for delays at any point of the delivery process. #MailNerds

Distributed Print Analysis

Triggered marketing is about speed. With fully automated print partners all over the country we can automatically split your projects for lowest postage and fastest delivery and mail them same-day.

Digitally Comingled Printing

Variable Everything! We can take many different print files apart, re-sort them as a combined mailer and merge all the art back together in sorted order. #LowestPostage #DatabaseArtists

Address Hygiene Automation

Address issues damage your response rates. We automate address verification and NCOA move updates to maximize your results.

Mhetadata Leadership

As a direct mail trainer our CEO Michael Hemphill starting in the mailroom at TRW in the late 80’s. He climbed into the mailing equipment field to train mailing companies large and small how to process direct mail, create barcodes and optimize databases. He has been in thousands of mailrooms over his career and has an undeniable passion for database marketing and automation.

Besides building one of America’s first individual mail piece tracking systems for bulk mail, Michael also designed and built one of the most dynamic proprietary bidding and job trafficking systems in the direct mail industry. These systems communicate with clients, manage attrition, report goals and earnings. Clients can track jobs, inventory and each individual mail piece as it travels the country, report delivery times ... and so much more.

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Marketing Expenses

Optimizing your databases reduces your annual expenses by 20-30%.

Response Increase

This reduction of pieces sent increases response rates 20-30% for a double win.

Employee Expenses

Automating marketing tasks frees up your most expensive staff for growth projects.

Database Accuracy

Your aging databases continuously kept in their most accurate productive states.


When an artist optimizes your database it reduces your annual expenses by 20-30%. This increases response rates 20-30% for a double win. Marketing Automation achieves more with less. We will automate your best campaigns (or create new ones) to hit goals hands-free month after month with lower costs. If your aging customer database is your primary income stream your future is uncertain. We continuously update, maintain and optimize your marketing database to be vibrant now and optimized for the future.