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Using Excel Files as Data Source

Excel files actually can be used as a merge source. However, there are a
few things to know. (Worth knowing, it is a common requirement)

You can use them as an ODBC (database) source. You need to:

1: Install the uSOft 64 bit drivers (finally available)
Go to control panel administrative tools/ODBC Data Sources (64-bit)
and […]

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Why choose Jet Letter PSL

Why choose Jet Letter PSL

Simple financial projects to automatically imposed postcards – do it all with PSL Page Builder – Variable Data Publishing for the 21st Century

Intuitive, Adaptive, Easy To Learn

PSL Page Builder’s design interface incorporates an intuitive and adaptive drag & […]

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PDF v1.4 outputs for easiest VDP printing

We have found that it is best to output all PDF files as version 1.4 for the best printing.  Often times newer PDF versions create larger files and create confusing printer commands and simpler PDF’s are smaller files and create less problems on VDP digital presses.

PDF 1.6 has commands that can confuse older digital presses […]

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How do you output the Header-Row

The question of how to output the header row of the database into the art comes up often. Usually this is based on the need for the first record in the output PDF to show where all the variable fields are located in personalized outputs for the client to approve or for quality control processes.

A […]

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.PJB file automation

When you open up any Jetletter Page Builder folder there is a project .PJB file that is managed by the workflow manager where you can set options.  Once options are set the way you like you can just double-click the .PJB file and Jetletter Page Builder runs exactly what you requested..

This option means that you […]

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How Licensing Works (X/Y Licenses)

A standard PSL Page Builder License can be installed on 2 computers with only 1 of them active at a time.
Many customers order 2 or 3 licenses and we always use the term 2x/4y or 3x/6y to describe those licenses.

So if you have a 3x/6y license it means you have 3 licenses that can be […]

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Introduction to PSL – Getting Started Examples

The PSL development editor is an application that provides the to means create, run and maintain PSL projects.

Multiple Projects and MDI

You can have as many PSL projects open at one time as required. In order to make it easy to keep track of which is which, the PSL development editor is an MDI (Multiple Document […]

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PSL Page Builder VPD Software Installation

-download the setup file into a regular folder on your C drive.  (like C:\PSL or similar folder outside of C:\Windows)
(Desktop, Program and Files & any Windows system folder, is not a good idea. PSL might not install correctly)

-If PSL is already installed on PC
–close PSL
–uninstall PSL

-run PSL new setup file (Right-Click and run as Administrator)
-reboot […]

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PSL Primers

The “Help/Primers” menu item opens a file dialog that contains a number of introductory documents on various useful subjects. To read one simply double click the entry. The topics covered are listed below. The first three of these contain general information and should be considered as highly recommended reading. The reminder are technical overviews of […]

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